FSHP Consortium Program

The FSEBT is owned and operated by the members and governed by an elected Board of Trustees and managed in-house. FSEBT established the Florida Sheriffs Health Plan Consortium to provide its members with a vehicle to further pool their resources to self-fund their employees’ healthcare plans.

A Self-Funded Medical Pool offered by the FSEBT

  • This program provides a long-term strategy for members seeking to gain better control of their medical plan costs. With the addition of new members each year, this program continues to grow.
  • With a specialized structure and a focus on Care Coordination, the FSHP Consortium makes healthcare work for you by enhancing the consumer experience with a focus on prevention and condition management to drive results. This in turn increases member engagement, changes behaviors, improves utilization, and ultimately drives lower cost.
  • Dedicated structure with a focus on the right care at the right time for the right price, with the goal of getting back to living and working.
Medical & Pharmacy Network
Claims Administrator
Patient Care Coordinator & Advocacy Wellbeing Program Management
Online Enrollment System
EAP Provider
Telehealth Provider