The Florida Sheriffs Employee Benefits Trust (FSEBT) – established by Sheriffs for Sheriffs

Our Mission

To serve the public interest by providing comprehensive and affordable health and employee benefits services to Florida Sheriffs.

Our Vision

Florida Sheriffs working together to be the insurer of choice in meeting the employee benefit needs of their employees and families.

Our Values
  • Responsibility...as good stewards of the public trust
  • Integrity...in all we do
  • Service...which is second to none
  • Knowledge...shared to improve our organizations
  • Stability...for a solid future

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the FSEBT.

Easy Access

Members have access to a dedicated staff of risk management professionals

More Control

Members have increased negotiation leverage, greater market access, and better control and management of their finances

Trusted Consultants

Members have experienced benefit consultants to review and create plan designs that provide the package of benefits for your employees


We were created to better serve Sheriffs' offices and their employees.

  • Established in 1984 by Florida Sheriffs for Florida Sheriffs and the constitutionally elected offices of their counties.
  • Owned, Operated and Governed by Member Sheriffs
  • Managed in house by FSEBT Staff
  • Currently providing benefits to more than 12,800 lives across the state of Florida
  • The FSEBT acts like an umbrella, protecting each plan housed under it. By joining the Trust, participants benefit by increasing their negotiation leverage with carriers and vendors, as well as being able to better control and manage their own finances.

Board of Trustees

the Benefits

The benefits of joining FSEBT

  • Each member participating in the FSHP or with Self-Funded Medical Plans receives monthly financial and claim reporting
  • Expert plan design review and consultation to ensure benefits meet the needs of your staff
  • Transparent pricing on all lines of coverage
  • Benefits Administration System enables consolidated billing, open enrollment assistance, and an online benefits platform
  • Members and administration can view or edit benefits with an online enrollment platform
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Member Success Story

At the time the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office joined the Consortium in 2016, there were only two Sheriff’s Offices on board.   We are pleased to see the progress the Consortium has taken since that time. The staff at FSRMF has worked hard to improve the services over the years.  We look forward to working with FSRMF to offer even better services in the future.

I would like to first off thank whomever decided to come up with the idea to cater an insurance plan for Deputies inside the State of Florida. Regarding my personal experience with this plan, there are numerous thanks to go around. When I unexpectedly became sick, requiring hospitalization and received a life altering diagnosis. Upon getting the news that I was going to require immediate dialysis treatments, and also that I needed a Renal Transplant. When you receive news such as that, you tend to feel a bit stressed out. Once word got to my agency’s Human Resources Department, they started making calls and sending out emails to the Coordinators of our plan. Florida Sheriffs Employee Benefits Trust began getting the ball rolling to handle my situation. To say that they took a huge worry from me would be an understatement. Dealing with my health issue, and not having to worry about the insurance nor financial aspect, allowed me to concentrate solely on my fight against End Stage Renal Disease. Words cannot express how thankful I am to Florida Sheriff’s as an entire organization, for how great they have treated me, and supported me every step of the way. As all transplant patients, you will be required to take immune suppressant drugs for the rest of your life, immediately following your surgery. Florida Sheriffs Employee Benefits Trust has also taken away my worry of the cost of my post-transplant medication. For any Agency that hasn’t joined this plan, I truly ask you to reconsider.

I would like to take a moment to commend our FSEBT team: FSEBT has been very responsive and always a significant source of information within the Insurance Benefit field. Our current team for the Escambia County Sheriffs Office, April McCabe, Elizabeth Kienzle, and Gretchen Coon are a plethora of knowledge and have continued to uphold best business practices at the forefront, even while navigating through a pandemic. They have gone above and beyond working with us to harness out-of-the-box ways to not only inform our employees of changes, but also to encourage us on the admin side to utilize all benefits to their fullest capacity. I would definitely recommend working with FSEBT.

As a member of all programs in the FSRMF, and also a member of the FSEBT, I cannot express enough the benefits of those programs. As a member of these two programs, we participate in a risk management and health insurance pool that is owned by the Florida Sheriffs. These programs are not only owned by the Florida Sheriffs, but they are operated by a Board of Managers of nine Florida Sheriffs that protect the interest of all member Sheriffs and their employees. As one of those Board of Manager Sheriffs, I am honored to serve on both the FSRMF and FSEBT Boards with my fellow Sheriffs in working with the wonderful, educated and knowledgeable staff that lead and direct on a daily basis the operation of a risk management program like none other in the nation. I encourage all Sheriffs and their employees that are not members of the FSEBT to consider joining the health insurance program provided by the FSEBT. We need to grow this valuable program that provides health insurance and other coverages through a self-insurance pool owned by the Sheriffs’ Offices. We have great resources available through the FSEBT, once again providing direct contacts excluding layers of bureaucracy because it is owned by the Sheriffs.  If not a member of the FSRMF and FSEBT, please consider joining and protecting your interests through these programs owned and operated by your fellow Sheriffs.

Our most important reasons for joining the Florida Sheriff’s Health Plan was the opportunity to reduce costs and provide better health coverage for our employees. Not only were we able to offer better benefits to our employees, but the FSEBT staff has been very helpful with any issues the staff or employees may have.